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2.19 Changelog

Franck Paul 1 year ago
Signed by: franck
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Dotclear 2.19 - 2021-08-13
* 🐘 PHP 7.3+ is required, PHP 8 compliance
* jQuery: Remove old jQuery biscuit plugin and replace it by "modern JS"
* jQuery: Remove old jQuery pwstrength plugin and replace it by "modern JS"
* Js: Use dotclear global object rather than global constants, var and methods (AFAP)
* Js: No more need of global dotclear_init const as dotclear global object is initialized before (prepend.js)
* Js: Rewrite metaEditor script
* Template: Add {{tpl:CategoryID}} template
* Template: Refine granularity of tpl:Blocks in dotty template set, will simplify inheritance and overload of themes
* Template: Add dc-home-first class to body tag if it is the first page (standard mode)
* Template: {{tpl:FeedLanguage}} consider lang in post context
* Admin UI: Remove some PNG fallback image when SVG are available as every modern browsers support SVG format
* Admin UI: Bye bye responsive font size, thanks for all the fish!
* Admin UI: Blog appearance, use details HTML5 element rather than div and JS to display theme details
* Admin UI: Add system-ui (cross-platform default user interface font) in 1st position of font-family
* Admin UX: Load themes in some admin popups as some configurable theme may use a link/post/page selector
* Admin UX: Load themes in media/media-item admin pages as some configurable theme may use a media selector
* Admin UX: Disable deletion and modification of officially distributed themes
* Admin UX: Remove Google Blog Search from pings URIs (service stopped) and fix pings global settings management
* Admin UX: Check themes dependencies (with core, plugins)
* Admin UX: Management of attachments, allow using media->postmedia property
* Admin UX: Use details HTML5 element rather than div and JS for authentication additional options
* Admin UX: Add Ad-blocker detection (may be disabled) as it may interfere with CKEditor (may be other features).
* a11y: Cope with mediaquery prefers-reduced-data (experimental)
* Public UX: Fix navigation widget to cope with static mode
* Public UX: Add language information (if any) in breadcrumb
* Public UX: Use localStorage rather than cookie to store comment's author info ("remember me" checkbox)
* Public UX: Subscribe widget and feeds handling language context
* Theme: Use <link rel… rather than <style @import… for CustomCSS theme
* Theme: Align right field's labels (single line fields only) of Berlin theme
* Theme: No need to load again util.js in _public.php as it's already loaded by dotty/_head.html
* Core: Add .svg in allowed var/plugin loaded files
* Core: Add .webp in allowed var/plugin loaded files and ope with wepb thumbnails
* Core: Remove mysql driver support, obsolete in PHP 7+
* Core: Forget about URL type = lang as it cannot be set as this by the URL handler
* Core: Add publicBeforeCommentRedir behavior - useful to add parameters on redir URL
* Core: Globally disable (Google) FLoC tracking by default
* Fix: Cope with original size when storing current media insertion settings
* Lib: Update jQuery from 3.5.1 to 3.6.0
* Lib: Update Codemirror 5.58.2 from to 5.62.0
* Lib: Update CKEditor from 4.16.0 to 4.16.1 (and fix CKEditor jQuery adapter warnings)
* 🐛 → Various bugs, a11y concerns and typos fixed
* 🌼 → Some locales and cosmetic adjustments
Dotclear 2.18.1 - 2021-02-13
* Fix: Adjust top and bottom border of textarea when dcLegacyEditor toolbar is set in bottom